Praying Church is a powerful Church


When most of us think of power, we think about money, fame and
fortune.  This is because we have been trained to think that way, and it is what is usually promoted in
advertisements on television and in magazines.  During my years on this earth, I have met people who have power and influence as I have described above, but their power is only temporary.  If they should lose their position on the grand stage or their money, people would begin to treat them differently. While there is nothing wrong with having money,
fame or fortune, it does not fulfil the hunger of the spirit that longs to connect with our creator God.  I am so glad that there is a power, a right to access the throne of
grace that outweighs any other power that there is.

The church has been given this power, which is the right to overthrow the powers of darkness through praying in the name of Jesus.

When money is gone and fame is lost, we still have the name of Jesus.  Peter and John in Acts 3 were on their way to pray in the temple around 3pm, and there was a man
who thought they might have some money. Going on that assumption, he asked them to give him some.  It seemed to have startled them.  Many times when we are on our
way to church, we are thinking about getting to our destination, and may not see the needy people that we pass by.  Thank God, Peter and John did not discount this man, even though they did not have what he thought he needed.  In actuality, the had much more.  Not money or fame, but they had a name that could change this man’s life.  The name of Jesus. Now that is real power.  Are you aware of the power that you have?

The next time someone tells you about their situation and what they
need, begin to does not always have to be out loud.
 Perhaps, God will show you what they really need and you can offer that to them.  When you show acts of kindness that flow out of the love of God, and not just for brownie points, you are using the power inherent in the name of Jesus.

This coming Sunday, we will end our series for the month of August on prayer by looking into the prayer that Jesus prayed for us.  Yes, Jesus prayed for you and me. Think about that.  

Invite someone to come to
church with you and pray for those who have not yet said “yes”, but will join us soon.  

Also, pray for our Sunday School as we look forward to a great

Don’t forget corporate prayer time at
9:50am on Sunday mornings.

God Bless