Prayer “A Gift That Money Can’t Buy”
At the start of each New Year, there are things that we usually set out to accomplish. I try not to put too much stock in New Year’s resolutions because they are quite often temporary. Our youngest daughter (who is an athlete) was telling me how frustrating it is to walk into the fitness center, where she is a regular, and have it overcrowded the first week of January with people who have made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or get in shape. I am sure that we all agree that those are good things to strive for, not as a temporary fix, but as a lifestyle change that one is committed to. Commitments are sometimes hard to make, but when we do, it can help us grow, and stay focused. I believe that one of the commitments that will help us to make permanent lifestyle changes is a study of the word of God and prayer.
Last Sunday, we had an opportunity to share the account of the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus with an attitude of worship. This was no ordinary visit, but divine guidance brought them to experience a divine encounter that changed their lives. God revealed himself through a young child (The Christ), and a dream that showed them the evil plot of Herod. They travelled a different route because of their encounter with Jesus. They were wise in that they sought Him, and recognized that Jesus was worthy of them opening their treasure to Him. There was no holding back. God continues to show us that we are His prize possession, and what He really wants is for us to commit ourselves first to Him, and to imitate Him in this world. To be salt and light.

This is the season for divine encounters. One of the best ways to meet with God is through prayer. E. Stanley Jones says that “prayer is opening the channels from our emptiness to God’s fullness.” This is a divine encounter. Each one of us need to walk in the fullness of God, and as disciples of Christ, we can help each other along this journey. Prayer is a gift that does not cost money, but is a gift that we can continually give to each other. Who among us would say that they are not in need of prayer. We all need prayer for our families to stay balanced, for our children to do well in school, for peace in our homes and our workplaces, for safety in our communities, for our aging parents, for our marriages, for less violence and anger in our world, for justice and mercy, for loneliness, for guidance, for illnesses, for grief and suffering, for our families to be saved, and for a closer walk with God. l am sure that you may be able to add to the list.but you get the point. The list is endless. Let us pray for one another.