Lord teach us to pray

Luke 11:1-4


Have you ever wondered why what we call “The Lord’s Prayer” has passed the test of time, and is used by So many churches of every denomination than any other prayer? I believe it is because it reveals why Jesus was so powerful in His earthly ministry. Prayer was the foundation of everything that He did. The disciples watched this day after day, and finally realized that they could not be effective to carry out the work of ministry without following His practice of praying and staying connected to the source of power – His Father in Heaven. They made a request of Jesus that changed their lives, Lord, Teach Us To Pray.

How Jesus responded to this question has transformed the prayer life of millions, mine included. I share this with you because I believe that our submission to the will of God is
demonstrated to the world best when we keep our hearts tuned to fresh revelation that comes through prayer.

Prayer is not just to petition God, but it is to remind us of who God is. We need this reminder often because the forces of worldly and temporal chaos has a tendency to distract us into feeling hopeless. There is power in prayer, and there is hope in a Father who loves us and called us out of darkness into His marvelous light through Jesus Christ.

This coming Sunday, we will see the results of Jesus teaching on the early church, and we will be challenged to follow their conviction that prayer really does work. Acts 1:14 tells us that they continued in one accord in prayer and supplication with the woman and Mary the mother of Jesus and with His brothers.

Invite someone to come to church with you, so they can hear some good news. Bad news travels fast, let’s spread some good news.

God Bless you!

Pastor Hicks

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